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Commercial Program is a locally owned company that specializes in the maintenance, repair, and preservation of tile and grout.  Utilizing high pressure temperature vapor, we not only achieve a like new visual appearance, but also rid grout and tile of grime, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.  In addition, a clear commercial grade sealant is applied to the grout.  This enables the grout to resist buildup and have a consistent, like new and clean appearance. is not just a tile and grout maintenance business.  We provide loose or cracked tile replacement, grout repair or replacement, caulk removal and replacement, vinyl baseboard removal and replacement, and complete tile renovation.

Until recently,’s primary focus was servicing a residential clientele.  Increasing inquiries from the retail market has prompted to create a program suited to the small business.  For those trying to separate from the competition and maintain their appearance to keep current customers, has developed a system to work for you. is currently offering a promotional program to the local retail market.  The program includes:

▪                     A FREE, no obligation analysis of the tile and grout

▪                     A test spot cleaning and application of sealant

▪                     The opportunity to take advantage of a number of initial service discounts specific to your establishment needs

▪                     quarterly or 6 month evaluations

▪                     yearly cleaning and sealing

▪                     on call repairs and maintenance

▪                     monthly payment plans available

Retail studies show that the cleanliness and appearance of entryways/bathroom attribute to 31.6% of a patron’s decision to return or not return to a business.  In addition, 78% of those current clients will search for and choose a competitor without ever voicing their dissatisfaction to that particular establishment.  In today’s fragile economy, every customer is one worth keeping, and posture is everything.  The last thing any small business can afford is being referred to as “the place that has gone downhill”.


Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning and Protective Sealant Application

Utilizing a combination of equipment specifically designed for tile and grout, the process will entail: 

Pretreatment Spray: An enzyme enriched grease and organic material digester, and odor eliminator will be applied to the area

Benefit:  Helps to release embedded dirt, grime, and cleaner buildup.  (non solvent based, environment friendly, very low potpourri scent)

Hot Pressurized Vapor scrubbing of Grout joints: Utilizing 280 degree 90 psi vapor, coupled with a heavy duty vinyl brush attached to a delivery wand, grout joints are scrubbed individually.

Benefit:  Grout joints tend to be the most porous area of any tile application and require individual attention to truly achieve optimum results.  Vapor, unlike steam, has smaller water droplets which penetrate the grout’s surface and release contaminates more effectively.  (at 280 degrees, 99.9% of mold and bacteria is eliminated)

Surface Scrub and Contaminant Recovery:  A compact, easily maneuverable tile scrubbing unit with dual counter rotating cylindrical brushes is used to clean the face of the tile and recover the contaminates released in previous steps.

Benefit:  Machine design lifts debris instead of scrubbing it in deeper and enables us to simultaneously rinse and dry. (Shortens overall completion time)

Commercial Grade Sealant Application:  A low odor, quick cure, penetrating sealant is applied to the surface of the tile and/or grout joints.

Benefit:  Sealant repels dirt, grime, and staining while allowing for much easier routine daily cleaning with less build up.


NOT JUST CLEANING!!!!! also offers these beneficial services:

◦                     Loose and cracked tile replacement

◦                     Grout repair or replacement

◦                     Caulk removal and replacement

◦                     vinyl baseboard removal and replacement

◦                     Complete tile renovation

Take the next step:  Contact our office at 203-373-7555 or e-mail us at:

25 Gardner Lake Hts.

Salem, Ct 06420