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Tile Maintenance Real Estate Referral Program

 ‘Move-in Condition’

Dirty tile and grout will make any room look run down, unsanitary, outdated, and ugly. can help turn your seller’s home into ‘move-in condition’ quickly, easily, and cost effectively by repairing, cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing tile and grout on floors, counter tops and walls.

Tile Maintenance is Key is a company that specializes in revitalizing and restoring all tile installations. was developed specifically to address the maintenance aspects of tile. Whether it be mold, mildew, cracked, loose or missing grout, excessive caulk, cracked or missing tiles, our focus is to restore a tile/natural stone installation to its initial state. Very often this can be achieved with a simple clean and seal. The difference is night and day and can take a bathroom or kitchen from “okay” to “WOW”.
Sometimes a little more effort is required – is prepared to handle those instances. We remove and replace old moldy caulk, repair cracked grout joints, reinstall loose tiles, and replace cracked or missing tiles.

Realtor Referral Program has recently launched a program specifically for Realtors! We will offer a 15% discount to any client referred to us by a realtor. Additionally, each referral earns points towards free services that can be redeemed either by the realtors themselves or their clients. In a competitive environment, it is nice to have the edge over competition. Imagine being able to offer a complimentary clean and seal to a client prior to an open house…it could make all the difference in the world to a potential buyer and secure a listing for the agent!


25 Gardner Lake Hts.

Salem, CT 06420